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Lumens: 400
Required Clear Space: 27mm
Runtime: 55 minutes
Visibility: 100 yards
Rechargeable Battery
Mode(s): Steady / Strobe


One of the original laser form factors on the market, the Protection series has been tried and tested for years and still comes out on top as one of the most prominent lasers on the market. You can't go wrong with the classics, and the Protection series is just that.


American Tactical GSG9; GSG Firefly;

Arex Rex 01;

Bersa ultra compact 9mm;

Beretta px4 Storm; apx full and compact; m9a3; apx centurion

CZ p10c;

Canik tp9sfx; tp9sf; tp9 elite sc; tp9da;

FN fnx 45acp tactical; 5.7; 509;

Girsan regard mc;

HK Vp9;

Kel-tec Pf9;

Magnum MR9 Eagle;

Ruger Security 9; sr9c; ec9; Pro 9mm; sr22; 5.7; sr40;

Polymer 80;

SAR 9;

Sig P320; p226; SP2022; p250; p229;
Springfield XD 9mm compact; xd mod2 sub 45; xd40 sub; xde 9mm; xds; xdm9mm;

S&W sdve40; sd9ve; Shield ez 380; m&p 2.0 40cal; fnx40;

Taurus g2c; tx22 22lr; g2s; th9; g3; pt840; pt140 g2 and g2 Millenium; pt 24/7; pt809; pt100;

Walther ccp 9mm; p22;

Zigana px9;

Required Clear Space: 27mm
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