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Lumens: 700
Required Clear Space: 28mm
Runtime: 55 minutes
Visibility: 100 yards
Fits standard Picatinny and Weaver rails.
Material: Military Aircraft-grade Anodized Aluminum
Rechargeable Battery with MAGNETIC CHARGER
Mode(s): Steady / Strobe
[🎯 BRIGHT LED LIGHT] 700-lumen flashlight, steady on or strobe. To change the output from steady to strobe or from strobe to steady, press and hold the light switch for 1 second.
[🎯 GREEN LASER BEAM] The green laser sight, beam intensity/wavelength: <5 mW peak, 532nm, Class IIIa; The bright green laser can be visible 100 yards away in the daytime.
[🎯 PURPLE LASER BEAM] The purple laser sight, beam intensity/wavelength: <5 mW, 405nm, which meets US FDA Safety Requirements. The purple laser sight is a weaker beam and it is designed for nighttime use;
[🎯 RECHARGEABLE BATTERY] LED flashlight, purple laser, and green laser are powered by magnetic rechargeable battery, with a runtime of 55 minutes;
[🎯 OPERATIONS] Flashlight, purple laser sight, and green laser sight can be turned on or turned off independently; you may have combinations of light/red laser, light/green laser, and purple laser/green laser. Both purple laser sight and green laser sight can be tuned vertically and horizontally.
[🎯 EXTREMELY LIGHT WEIGHT] The unit body is made of Military Aircraft-Grade anodized aluminum, which is the lightest in weight yet strong enough to endure all kinds of harsh environments.
[🎯 DIMENSIONS]: LxWxH: 2.0" x 1.4" x 0.75"; weight: 2.3 oz.
[🎯 INSTALLATION] To install this unit, the Clear Space (please refer to picture) of your pistol should be at least 28mm (1.1 inches).


The NEW P3PGL has a fresh new style, and now has 700 LUMEN and a MAGNETIC CHARGER! We also made the buttons square for easy accessibility!

The P3PBL is designed to protect you in any scenario, regardless of circumstance. Each laser is windage and elevation adjustable allowing for both short-range and long-range laser coverage. Packed in with a 700-lumen strobe-capable light, you can't get better than this.


Beretta App 9mm; Beretta PX4 Storm Compact and sub compact; APX

Bersa Thunder 45 and 380; Taurus G3 and G3C

CCP M2 9mm;

CZ P10c and P10f;

Canal TP9SFX 9mm; Ruger American Duty; Ruger 57

Canik TP9 SA and SF and SC; Canik PT9SF Elite; Canik TP9sfx; Mete SFX;

FNS 9; FMX 45; FN 509;

Glock: 17, 19 4G 7G 5G, 19x, 20, 21, 22, 23, 29 gen4, 32, 17 Gen 5, 30s, 35 Gen4, 37, 44; 45, 45 MOS, 48,48 MOS;

HK VP9; HK p2000; HK 45C;

Kel-tec sub 2000 w/ rail;

Mossberg mc2c;

PSA dagger;

Remington rp9;

Ruger Mark IV 22; Ruger SR series; Ruger 22 Charger; Ruger PS22; Ruger SR40; 9e; Security

SAR USA Sarsilmaz 9mm; 9x Platinum;

S&W SD 40 VE; M&P S&W 380 Ez Shield; S&W M&P 2.0 subcompact & 9mm; SD 9MM; S&W
M&P 40 sub compact; SD 9 VE; M&P 9c;

Sig P320 and P320 compact RxP; FN 509; Sig SP2022; SIG P226 mk25; FNP-9;

Springfield: XD 40 (not subcompact); Springfield XD-S mod 2 9mm; Springfield XDM 45
Competition and 9mm; Springfield SD 45; Springfield XD9; Springfield XDS 45 ACP and XDS
sub-compact; Springfield XDE 45; Springfield XD sub-compact; XDM Elite;

Steyr M40 new edition;

Taurus G2C; Taurus G2S; G2C; Taurus TH9c; Taurus PT24/7 Pro 9mm; G3C; TH40c; G3; pt640;

Walther PPQ 9mm sc and PPQ m2; Walter Creed 9mm

Zigana PX9;

Required Clear Space: 28mm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Will it fit my g3c

Will it fit my g3c 9mm

Yes it will!!! Thank you for your business!

Bernardo Flores
Will it fit my tisas pz9

Will it fit my tisas px9

I believe so. You need 28mm or 1.1' of clearspace so do a quick measurement to make sure. Measure from the front of your trigger guard to the last notch on your rail.

Purple and green laser

The laser is all around a good fit for any rail selection firearm light is bright and lasers are easy to work with.

The best people u can deal with

The best

Jonathan Mason
amazing laser

The media could not be loaded.  It's a great laser. The green of course is going to be more visible to our eyes, it's super bright and a clear dot at a far distance. The purple is a little harder to focus on, you're not going to get a clear picture of the dot and it kinda starburts, BUT at the right range it's not an issue. You can still see it very far. Turning them both on will give u a very bright cyan color with a clear dot. The tac light is super bright and nice. Didn't have to buy any other accessories for the laser. Fit right onto my glock 19 gen 5. Sighting it was easy enough.