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HiLight Tactical



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The highly functional P3PG is created from top rated military grade nylon. The dual purple and green lasers give you several options. Imagine a scenario where your laser sight fails when you are in action. Imagine again a scenario that you sighted your laser dot at 10 yards but you are actually shooting a target at 20 yards. HiLight's P3PG provides you with such solutions. With dual sights, you always have a backup sight if one fails, and you can tune the blue laser dot at a near target, say 10 yards, and the green laser dot at a far target, say 20 yards. Therefore, HiLight P3PG is a perfect home defense tool for you to have.


  • 5 mW Purple and Green dual laser sights
  • Created with top grade military nylon
  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Length: 2.0”, height: 1.2”, width: 1.0", weight: 2.3 oz


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