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Required Clear Space: 27mm
Runtime: 55 minutes
Visibility: 100 yards
Rechargeable Battery
✅ PERFORMANCE [PURPLE BLUE LASER LIGHT COMBO] – the P3PB has both a Precision Purple Laser Sight great for nighttime and close range use, and a Precision Blue Laser sight which is visible at a far distance. Purple laser sight beam intensity/wavelength: <4 mW peak, 405nm, Class IIIa which meets US FDA Safety Requirements and is perfect for nighttime use. While blue laser sight can be seen far away at daytime and beam intensity/wavelength: <4 mW peak, 450nm, Class IIIa which meets US FDA Safety Requirements.
✅ DURABLE AND BUILT TO LAST – made from hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, the P3PB is designed to work under the harshest conditions to provide reliable performance time and time again. Backed by a 1-year warranty at HiLight Tactical we stand behind our products.
✅ FAST RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Both the purple laser and the blue laser are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, which is charged with a Micro USB port plug and a full charge takes only 2 hours.
✅ FITS BRANDS AND MODELS with RAILS – made to work with any Weaver or Picatinny Rail the P3PB can work as an attachment with almost any rifle or pistol. To install this unit, the Clear Space (please refer to picture) of your pistol should be at least 27mm. If you are unsure of the fit feel free to ask us.
✅ EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT – The unit body is made of hard anodized aircraft grade of aluminum, which is light in weight yet strong enough to endure all kinds of harsh environments. ✅ Dimension [LxWxH] – 2.0" x 1.4" x 0.75"; weight: 2.3 oz.


The Performance series is designed to protect you in any scenario, regardless of circumstance. Each laser is windage and elevation adjustable allowing for both short-range and long-range laser coverage. Tune one laser to a short distance, and one to a long, to have greater versatility in a variety of situations.


Beretta px4 storm & storm compact; apx 9mm;

Bersa bp 380cc;

CZ p07;

Canik TP9sx; tp elite sc;

FN 509; FNP9;

Girsan mc28; mc 1911s 45;

Kel-Tec sub 2000;

Ruger sr9; 5.7; p95; Security 9; sr40c;

Sig 9mm;

Springfield Xd 9mm; Hellcat; xds9; Xd45; Xd 40 and 40 subcompact; xds45;

S&W M&P 40; sw40ve; M&P Ez shield 380; sd9ve;

Stroeger 9mm;

Taurus G2s; Tx22; g2c; g3c; pt809; pt 24/7; G3; g2 Millenium;

Walther PPS m2;

Required Clear Space: 27mm
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Customer Reviews

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Get it!!

Got it for my man fa his birthday

Good quality

A good upgrade.


Love it thinking about getting more

Jamel lee
Overall,a really nice dual,color combo beam!

I brought the purple and blue,dual beam combo! And it really works great! The blue beam is super bright,even in the daytime you can see the blue beam very well! The purple beam is very nice,the “color purple”highlight chosen is very nice as well! The downside for “ME” is,the purple beam should be much brighter than what it is,Period! Especially for the price they charge for it! The second thing is,be careful not to over tighten the screws/screw as I did, as it’s easily to strip,so be very careful!! As you can see the purple beam is really nice,but the blue beam is just really brighter,but but it’s a really nice, dual beam combo set that works well! Another thing i really y like is,as you can see you can have on both beams at the same time,I thought that was a really nice option! Last thing,if you notice one beam is slightly higher then the other,that’s because one beam(color) is to be set up at close range,and the other beam(color) is to be set up for LONG range!! So be mindful when setting it up to dail it in on a target!! Other then that, it’s a really nice beam,it came on the day they said,but instead of nighttime like delivery said,it came in the morning,which was great! Packaged nice, and worked great! I really like it,and yes I recommend!! I would give 5 stars if they(HIGHLIGHT) would send in the pack extra screws,just in case you strip the screws/screw,do to over tighten it!

Good for learning to aim At a shooting range

I love guns