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HiLight Tactical



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To calibrate a scope, laser sight, or any other aiming device, a boresighter is often used. Most boresighters in the market use a red laser dot as an anchor point. A red laser, however, is not visible beyond 10 yards on a shining day. To solve the problem, we introduce a boresighter that employs a green laser, which is visible far away in the daytime.

  • Green laser with wavelength of 532nm, Class IIIA, 4mW, which is safe for civilian use.
  • Brass case of which shape is similar to actual bullet shell, so it can be easily installed into chambers of .223 REM or 5.56x45 NATO.
  • Green laser boresight is powered by 6x AG3 (equivalent to LR41) batteries, with a running time up to 35 minutes. The green laser will flash if battery power is low.
  • Bright green laser dot can be easily seen than any other laser boresighters, ideally 20 to 100 yards.
  • Properly use of the boresighter will reduce wasted cartridge and shells.
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