The highly functional P3RG is created from top rated military grade nylon. The dual red and green lasers give you several options. Imagine a scenario that your laser sight fails when you are in action; Imagine another scenario in which  you sighted your laser dot at 10 yards but you are actually shooting a target at 20 yards. HiLight P3RG provides you with such solutions. With dual sights, you always have a backup sight if one fails, and you can tune the red laser dot at a near target, saying 10 yards, and the green laser dot at a far target, saying 20 yards. Therefore, HiLight P3RG is a perfect home defense tool for you to have. We released this P3RG in 2018 but we have redesigned it in 2019. With the new design, we have corrected all issues reported by customers.


  • 5 mW Green and Red dual laser sights
  • Created with top grade military nylon
  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Water resistance and shock resistance
  • Length: 2.0”, height: 1.2”, width: 1.0", weight: 2.3 oz