The TG20 is the perfect rifle attachment for YOU!

Are you looking for a rifle attachment? You NEED to check this product out. The TG20 is a foregrip attachment with an LED flashlight equipped to it. The TG20 if perfect for law enforcement / military purposes. With this bright light attachment, you can brighten the room while maintaining a firm grip on your rifle. The strobe mode feature allows for you to blind an incoming intruder or enemy, and stop them right in their tracks!

Operation Instructions:

Lightly pressing the (On/Off) switch will output momentary light and retain the modes by a side tact switch. Firmly pressing the (On/Off) switch will output a steady light. Pressing the side tact switch will output strobe light while the (On/Off) switch is in its ‘Off’ position.The side tact switch controls the brightness of the output levels. Low – Medium – High, and press and hold the side tact switch to activate the strobe mode. The flashlight intelligently memorizes the output mode chosen by the side tact switch! This product is powered by 2x CR123 batteries or 1x 18650 rechargeable battery.

The Three Levels of Output: low 150lm, med 350lm, high 1000lm, strobe 1000lm. The peak beam intensity is 23,256 cd and a throw distance of up to 300 yards.


-To quickly activate the strobe, press the function key.

-All-Aluminum Tactical Grip with new design in 2019, and it is sturdy and durable.

Dimensions: Rail length is 2", and it is about 3" if including LED head. Its height is 5.5", and diameter is 1.25".

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