Red vs Green Laser Sights Breakdown

Buying a laser sight for your firearm is something to take pride in. You just took the next step in aiding your aim the proper way. The big question that gets thrown around is, “Which laser sight color is better, the green or the red?” This is not something where there is a direct answer of which one is better, but a matter of why you would choose one over the other.

Red laser sights are most certainly affective; however, they struggle to be seen past the 15-yard mark in bright daylight. The reasoning behind this not just the color being red but the fact that us humans grow up seeing green all around us every day. Think about it, trees, bushes, grass, the list goes on and on as far as the environment goes. Red lasers are perfectly adequate for home defense, since it would be used for a close quarter range. So, what does this mean? If you are planning on only using that specific firearm for a closer target, then the red laser sight would be very perfect for you to use.

Green laser sights are where it starts to get interesting. Green is a much better for daytime shooting, since the beam can be seen quite a bit farther than the red. The brightness of the laser bounces off the target and that’s how we see the beam. If you are someone who likes to daytime and nighttime shoot, you would want to use a green laser sight instead of the red. What’s the reasoning behind all of this? The human eyes are more sensitive to green as mentioned above, so much so that camera’s now a days have double the number of pixels in green as they do red!

Afterall, it’s a matter of what will get the job done the most efficiently!

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