Green v.s Red Laser Sights!

When looking to buy a laser sight for your firearm one of the questions you might have is, “Do I get a red or green laser”? This is such a great question that we get asked and I am here to help you with making your decision. Laser sights are great devices used for training purposes and for dialing your aim in on the target. Green laser sights are better used in the daytime based on physics. The wavelength in a green laser sight is far from the red and makes it easier to spot to the naked human eye. The red laser sight, has a closer wavelength to white light which means that the red light would be harder for the naked human eye to spot during the daytime compared to the green. However, the red sight is a much better option for the nighttime shooter.

Why? There is no beam that comes off of the red laser sight in the dark, unlike the green laser sight which does. So, what’s the point? The point is that the red laser sight would not have a beam coming off which then means that the only way to see the red dot is by looking at the target directly to see.

When choosing a laser sight, it can be a tough decision on which color to get, which is why we came out with our P3RGL model. The P3RGL is a 500 lumen LED flashlight attachment, that comes with both a red and green laser sight. So, if you cannot make up your mind or want to different laser sights, then this would most certainly be the perfect product for you!

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