HUGE Holiday Giveaways!

This December 23rd we are giving away a Stainless Steel Tactical Pen, a P3R red laser sight, and if we reach 500 subscribers on our YouTube channel by the 23rd for the first time ever we are giving away a P3RGL!!!

Click The Link to our YouTube and follow the easy steps to sign up for the giveaway and help us get our goal of 500 subscribers!

How to enter: 1. Make sure you're subscribed to our channel. 2. Like this video. 3. Comment down below 4. Help get the word out by sharing with friends/family who might want these products!

Help us reach our goal of 500 subscribers! Enter to win the a P3R, Tactical Pen, or possibly the P3RGL! You will receive BONUS points for sharing with your friends and family so they can have the chance to win too!

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