How to Zero in a Laser Properly!

When sighting your laser in, it is important to keep in mind what distance you will be striving for. I will use home defense for the example here. You would want to sight the laser in at the furthest wall in your house for example, to make sure you can hit the potential target at the longest point in this scenario. Set the point of impact furthest away since you need to really be on point from a long-distance shot. When you are up close, you might be 2-3 inches off but you will still make contact on the target! It is also important to keep in mind that the point of impact will change based on distance. When you look down the middle iron sight, you want that laser to be anywhere from ½ inch, to 1 inch above the sight. Reason being, it will keep you on target, and when you shoot at closer target you will still be able to locate the laser.

For more information on sighting your laser, check out the video provided here!

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