How to Stop an Intruder With our TGL20!

If an intruder were to enter your home, you want to feel confident in defending yourself, right? If you said yes, you are one step closer to putting your mind at ease. HiLight's TGL20, is our premier design for your rifle! The TGL20 is a foregrip attachment that is equipped with a 1,000 lumen LED flashlight, and precision green laser sight. But it doesn’t stop there. This product also has a strobe function! Why is this important? Strobe, is the perfect tool to use for blinding someone and most certainly stopping them right in their tracks in the dark. For example, say an intruder broke into your home and you are in a position to access your TGL20. You will be able to strobe the intruder, blinding them, and then you can aim using your green laser sight, while getting off a perfect shot to stop them right in their tracks!


-CREE XML U3 LED, 1000 Lumen LED Max Output, powered by 2x CR123 (included) or 1x 18650

-Precision Green Dot can be seen far away

-The whole body is made of aviation metal. The quality of military products is guaranteed and the structure is strong and not easily damaged.


-Rail length is 2", and it is about 3" if including LED head. Its height is 5.5", and diameter is 1.25"

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