HiLight's Facebook Live!

Welcome to the Facebook Live Family! Here at HiLight, we go LIVE on our Facebook page Wednesday’s at 1:30pmEST. Each week we will have a “HiLight Product of The Week”, which will feature a product that will be appearing in our weekly YouTube video. You will get to go behind the scenes, and see what our products are all about. Any questions? Perfect, we answer questions during the live, so please ask away!

Who Are We?

HiLight Tactical is dedicated to bringing you high quality tactical accessories for your rifle or pistol. If you need a light or laser sight for your firearm, we have you covered. You can check out our product pages to see our different flashlights, lasers, and combinations for your firearm.

Our product line features weapon-mounted compact flashlight and laser aiming devices as well as LED flashlight and green laser combo for law enforcement and sports enthusiasts. Our products are focus on low profile, compact, lighter in weight, loved by many concealed weapon carriers. Our products are designed by a team of excellent engineers and tested by millions of customers.

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