A Young Man and How The HiLight TGL20 Served Him Well!

A young man by the name of Ian Korzenok, who is currently 23 years old, had some very intriguing information to share. Hailing from Powder Springs GA, he was deployed in 2018 to Afghanistan to protect our country.

“I was in the army; I was private first class at the time. I used it (The TGL20) while I was a gunner in Afghanistan. I used it on my SAW for stability and when we ran night missions, I took it off and used the green laser and strobe light to warn vehicles to back off the convoy. It was awesome and durable”.

His Father Randy shared a few words as well. “I purchased this light/foregrip for my rifle a few years ago. When my son was deployed to Afghanistan, I sent this to him to use on his M4. This light held up through 9 months of desert conditions and worked as it should. I just wanted you to know that your product served my son very well during combat in Afghanistan”.

We are thankful that Ian & Randy shared this story with us, and allowed us to share with our blog as well. Thank you for your service Ian, as we welcome you and Randy to the HiLight Family!

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