How we started


HiLight Tactical started when the founder, Jim Li an outdoorsmen and gun enthusiast, grew tired of being overcharged for quality tactical accessories. He sought to bring to the market top performing products for the best possible price. Launching the first P10S over 8 years ago made that dream a reality and HiLight Tactical was born. After the success of the P10S HiLight has developed many different tactical options ranging from tactical pens to light and laser options fitting most pistol and rifle applications. Striving to provide the best possible products for the best price continues to be the main focus for HiLight Tactical. We work tirelessly with a top team of engineers to ensure the design and performance of every product made not only meets but exceeds every challenge thrown at it. 

Why HiLight?


Our product line features durable, tried and tested, high performing tactical accessories made from the highest grade materials in the industry. Our weapon-mounted LED flashlights, lasers, and combo tactical devices are perfect for law enforcement, outdoorsmen, and any fan of high quality tactical accessories. HiLight Tactical products focus on high performance while not breaking the bank. 

We stand by our products 100% that is why we offer a one year warranty on anything we sell. We mean every word when we say uncompromising quality, serious performance, and unbeatable prices. We believe no one should be left in the dark, that is why we will never stop striving to provide highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Light up your world with HiLight Tactical. 

Keith Mackey

"HiLight is an amazing company with great products and amazing customer service. The P3B is a great easy to use laser. Not to mention it's BLUE!"

Josh Wang

“I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I love HiLight and your customer service. I have been a customer for several years now, and have NEVER ONCE had a negative experience with this company. The selection of product is just as wonderful as your customer service. Thank you very much!”

Rick Spinello

"Hilight Tactical is an amazing company! I love my P10GL light laser combo! Their customer service is second to none! I lost a locking plate and they sent out two! With a replacement screw free of charge!"